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We are deeply saddened that Fred Shorter passed away on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. It has been a great privlege to have worked with him on the FIVFIV project for over 35 years.
Frederic C. Shorter
Frederic C. Shorter
Population Projection Software

The FIVFIV software is an old 16-bit DOS program, whose user interface is quite obsolete. This software is no longer supported or distributed. It is our hope to eventually create an updated and easy to use Windows version; however, due the recent passing of Dr. Shorter and the amount of work and costs involved in such a project, there are no current plans regarding when or if this update may be available. Any organization interested in discussing the funding a major upgrade, please contact support@hpntech.com.

The population projection methodology used in the software, however, may still be of interest and is still available in the publication Computational Methods for Population Projections.